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Los Panchos

Los Panchos were formed in 1944 in New York, and one must recognize that in the history of bolero music, there is definitely a time before and after this legendary group.

With their songs they touched, and are still touching, an entire continent. In Latin America they are automatically known by many nanes: “Eternos Trovadores” (Endless Troudabours) and “Embajadores de la cancion romantica” (Ambassadors of Romantic Song.)

Los Panchos, in their various incarnations of individuals’ musicians, participated in several films. Aside with great cinema actors and actress of the Mexican Golden Cinema Era, they sang and acted. Through television and radio waves they concord different generations with their majestic harmonies and guitar sounds.

The group began to fade in the ‘80’s. Alfredo Gil also known as Guero Gil retired in 1981 and Chucho Navarro took over and brought in Gaby Vargas to play requinto guitar and carried the trio until his death in 1993. Growing with in the family Los Panchos, Gabby felt this music must never die. He formed a trio and with Jaime Islas Miranda (lead Voice), Taurino Vargas Aguilar (no relations, on second voice/guitar) and himself. Gabby presented this trio to his father who, after hearing it gave them his blessing. After he passed (in 1999), his widowed wife gave their step son Gabby Vargas the official authorization to continue using the name.

Since 1999, this mirror like image of Los Panchos have traveled and sang all over the world. Touching souls of all ages young and old. Gaby Vargas once said “We love it when people join in because it lets us know they are remembering those special moments when they first heard these songs.” “Love is what creates Humanity, so who knows if we would even exist if not for a good bolero?”

Today they travel throughout the world from South America to the United States and Asia. Los Panchos recently performed at the MARIACHI USA Festival at the Hollywood Bowl where they received a standing ovation from 18,000 fans.

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Los Panchos
Los Panchos
Los Panchos
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